Friday, June 5, 2020

The search - Vallejo equivalents for the Coat d'arms paints

I'm working on the Coat d'arms WWII German colours again and how they might translate to or from the excellent Vallejo colours which seem to be a standard for painting tutorials. Mostly because the Vallejo range are really nice paints.

I do have the Coat d'arms German paint set and they paint nicely so I wanted to work out the best uses for them. I've had a bit of a scour through Mick Farnworths book "Modelling and Painting World War II German Military Figures" and he has suggestions for what Vallejo paint to use where as well as a handy swatch chart. I've used this and a bit of eyeballing as well as the suggestions in the Coat d'arms download on the Black Hat website.

Here are my suggestions.

102 Black              - Black 70.950
227 Field Grey       - German Field Grey 70.830
503 Military Green - Luftwaffe Camo. Green 70.823
505 Green Grey     - German Dark Grey 70.995
515 Black Green    - German Extra Dark Green 70.896
516 Iron Grey        - German Dark Grey 70.995
518 Field Blue        - Luftwaffe Uniform 70.816
521 Army Green     - German Dark Green 70.979
525 Uniform Grey   - Light Grey 70.990
533 Slate Grey       - London Grey 70.836

I have another couple of posts further back in the blog with some suggestions for what they could be used for but i'd never got around to doing this bit till now.

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