Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was putting some decals on the shoulders of these Dark Angels Space Marines and i'm really having trouble getting them to sit properly. It drove me that nuts i attempted painting the squad symbols on some of them and then ordered some DA shoulder pads from Horde of Bits in the States. I've found a couple of tutorials on decals at Bell of Lost Souls and Cento Industries.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Red turns into Big Green : wargames table construction

The edges go on the wargame table, i actually had to buy two long bits of timber for this :). A bit of putty in the screw holes and some builders sealant in the edges and joins to neaten things up.

A bit of pink primer on the surface and the inside edges. Obviously at this point i threw out the idea of leaving two red strips at either end.

A cover of light green (Folk Art 644 Grass Green) then some squiggles with a darker colour (Folk Art 726 Green Meadow) and a few smudges of Kaiser Colour "Mud Puddle" which is very similar to GW Graveyard Earth.

I used a small roller and blended the three colours together.

The almost finished result. The bottom of the table is reinforced to prevent twisting. The edges now need to be finished.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cleanish Painting Table and Big Red

I cleaned up! It'll never last though.

And for project of the night... Big Red. Recycled timber and screws, designed to sit on two square tables that are at Warnnambool Toyworld. I had to use new glue though. The tape measure is extended out to 6' and its just shy of four foot wide. You can just see the 28 mm figure on the table. The timber came painted, the plan is to leave two strips of red on either end for reserves/dead figures to reside. I will have to buy two strips of timber for the edge tomorrow. Then the painting begins.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The chaos that is my workspace.

nycjadie on TMP asked about painting areas so here goes. Calling this a workspace is probably stretching things. More of a .. meditation chamber. Note knives and paints are on top of the cupboard because the three year old fancies himself as an artist.