Saturday, December 18, 2010

A big shout out to the posties of the world

I've had stuff come through the post from the UK, the US even Germany this year as well as all over Australia. All of it has arrived in one piece most of it very quickly. This is the time of year in the western world when the postal workers really get hammered with all the Christmas stuff getting sent. So nice one guys and girls your efforts are appreciated.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1:72 Somus (sic)

A neat little three man tank from the French army of WWII. The display base that this vehicle was on had Somus instead of Somua.

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1:72 Matilda II's Deagostini and ?

The tank on the right arrived today in the post from Hong Kong with a Somua 35 and the Stug from the previous post. Nearly identical to the Deagostini Combat Tanks Collection vehicle I received last month. It isn't as well made with the smoke launchers and a few other bits including the exhausts cast as part of the body or turret rather than as separate parts.
The unknown vehicle on the right has the id stripes that were a feature on some real  life vehicles.

Revell British 8th army soldier for scale.
I've had a look about for possible producers for these three tanks but have so far drawn a blank. Could they be rejects from the factory that produces the vehicles for these part collections? They just look too similar to CTC vehicles, even down to the tank numbers to be a coincidence.

The tracks on the Deagositini vehicle (right) are much more accurate.
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