Friday, August 19, 2011

Some random Games Workshop paint jobs...

I've had the pleasure of having a fellow disciple join me in my workplace. I'm bad for his wallet as he gets all sorts of crazy ideas from me. Here's some of his painting and interesting conversions.

World Eaters Chaos Space Marine Terminators. All with lightning claws. All have the WE symbol handpainted on their right shoulder pad.

Looted Wagon with gretchin on the main gun. Steering? Aiming?

Dark Eldar Grotesques. Some lateral thinking here to avoid the one model pose GW has released.

Bloodbowl wood elves

Wouldn't be complete without a Treeman...

Woody, get it?

warhammer magic dice 2011

Having grabbed a pack of the Storm of Magic dice today i thought i'd continue with the dice posts. These were the mixed set with one of each college of magic coloured dice and a little black dice bag. i think you can get single coloured packs too for the specific colleges in warhammer. They are a limited run so if you want some snaffle them up.
Plastic, about twice the size of a standard GW dice, with a very light feel in the hand and what looks like some kind of brown wash over the dice to bring out the texture. I cant see them getting used much as they'll be a pain to read. The pips on the other sides are small skulls.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another frog...

We found this one sitting on the front door step yesterday. A burrowing frog? It looked like he'd eaten a large snail.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

and some more dice...

Beastmen dice, Space Hulk dice, some greens and a tiny little die from my Grandfathers shed. I keep these seperate to the others as they are bigger and not quite so useful for gaming.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dice dice dice

The Angry Lurker pointed out a blog called Gothridge Manor with a dice post so here goes
A few dice that i have hanging around.
Quality control was asleep when this little timber dice went through the paint.

And a few larger 6 sided dice, D10's and a lone D4 i forgot in the first photo. 
I cleaned out a heap of multiple sided dice about six months ago to a D&D player so all my D20's and weird ones have gone to a better home. Dice are one of those things people will pick up and look at just to get the feel of them in their hand. The pink ones that spell the word dice are those i take to away games as they very rarely get lost.I just realised there is another tin somewhere...