Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the workbench this week...

Paper shipping containers, wrapped over some packing foam I had squirreled away they will make excellent 28mm scenery.

Sometimes I get distracted. I drew the plan for this shelf unit at least two months ago but only managed to get the shed cleared of projects to get it done now. All recycled chipboard from a motel that was stripping out kitchens and a clothes shop that was being refitted, screws are from pallets that i've broken down. The only waste from the boards was the small pile of offcuts and the pile of sawdust in the foreground. It's designed to go into my FLGS with a Games Workshop paint rack fitting into the centre, GW cases in the bottom and brushes on the top. I've done some more work since the photo was taken and it needs at this point one more piece of trim (i'll have to buy that :() and a coat of paint. B2 is measuring it up.

On the painting table. Necrons, Orks and another squad of Imperial Guardsmen. Task for tonight was drybrushing metal and ground colour for the bases. This is a night time shot with the daylight fluorescent lamp and overhead Halogens. During the day I paint out in our enclosed veranda. I use the bread board out of looong established habit. I can still remember mum saying I could borrow it to cut on as long as it came back to the kitchen.

I finally have my airbrush set up and working at a reasonable pressure and this has resulted in lots of primed figures getting done en mass.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

40K miniatures on the paint block.

Imperial Guard Cadian repaints from a mixed bag Ebay buy. Poorly painted and assembled they've had a few arm and equipment swaps and then some major painting to get them to this point. They are almost there with a final highlight touch up to be done on helmets, guns and armour. Unit transfers and static grass to finish. Their Sergeant is assembled but at a bare plastic stage so i may wait till he's at this stage to finish them off . I'm trying to get a waxed or rubberised cloth look to the uniforms similar to an NBC/early gas suit.

A Games Workshop Space Marine Crimson Fists Dreadnought about to place the flamer template of wrath onto the Orks. All are again repaints from Ebay. The dreadnoughts arms are unfortunately glued still rather than swivelling but at least it had a reasonable weapon selection.