Thursday, September 21, 2017

Games Workshop 40k Penitent Engine

Inquisition icon ( the winged I) is a transfer, all the scrollwork is hand painted, from two feet away on a gaming looks very effective

The weak foot joint is pinned though base to leg, all the weight of the model goes onto these two points.

Deceptively large because of the outstretched arms, Catachan in urban camo for size. 

I tried to get some movement in the model as though it was swinging around towards something.
I painted this Games Workshop Penitent Engine for a friend and took these photos way back in 2008. It's a full metal model and a pain to get to sit together. The weight just dragged the glued joints apart and it required a fair bit of drilling and pinning to sit together.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Warmodelling 1/72 WW2 Late German Infantry

I picked these up from Wargame Miniatures in Melbourne (through the post). Delivery time was excellent and well packaged in a post box. The main idea was to get some more figures wearing the zeltbahn (a type of poncho made from a tent quarter) to match in with the AB Section in Zeltbahn figures I bought from Eureka Miniatures a few weeks ago. The soldier on the box front has one.

While i was getting them i spotted the Pak 40 kit which has four crew three of which are in the zeltbahn so that got added in to the parcel.

There are 20 figures in the box along with a tripod mounted MG42. Six figures in the poncho, an MG42 team firing over the shoulder of the loader and a crew walking with ammo cans and slung MG. A mix of smocks, Zelt's and normal tunic and short and long boots which is right for the time period.
 Warmodelling painted versions from Picssr album

It looks like there is some legal action pending with the original sculptor trying to stop a UK company reproducing the figures. The boxes i received are marked made in spain so im guessing they're older stock. Hopefully Xan will continue with his own sculpting and add some to this range when its resolved.

The animation is good on the figures but they seem a bit indistinct in their casting compared to AB's. Four of the gun barrels (three of the MP40 and one rifle) are severely bent and after a bit of a test i feel the material isn't going to straighten without snappping. 

Unfortunately the Pak 40 is missing the muzzle break. I'll chase that up and see if i can get the bit.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Valiant 1/72 WW2 25mm GI's

American infantry from the VM003 American GIs 1942/44 set by Valiant Miniatures. These came off the cover of Wargames Illustrated way back in 2009. I've waffled on about their size and it seems Armourfast are retooling them. There's a post on TMP with more details.

This is where i'm at with the figures, basic colours blocked in and a wash to blend it together. Highights to follow and I'll need unit flashes/insignia.

Monday, May 22, 2017

20mm WW2 figures including the Blitz Battle for the Hedgerows range

I've recently received a platoon of 20mm WWII figures from Simon over at Wargameroz's 20mm Ramblings. Most are from the Blitz "Battle for the Hedgerows" set in bags with their codes along with an SS mortar team (BBG9). I'm trying to work out the others (last three images) which are from a different company/ies? I haven't seen the Blitz figures in person until now and i'm impressed. They are quite quirky in their mix with a quality of sculpture that is up there with the AB or Warmodelling sculpts.

Officer and NCO Pack.2 Officers and 2 NCO's wearing assorted uniforms.
4 Figure Rifle Pack.All armed with K98s. Wearing smocks and mix of headgear.

4 Figure Rifle Pack. 
Armed with K98s , GEW41s and GEW43s and a mix of uniforms and headgear.

BBFH 8 MG42 firing off shoulder of No.2.
NCO armed with MP40. Mix of headgear and uniforms.

BBFH7 MG34 firing off shoulder of No.2 NCO armed with capture Thompson SMG. Mix of headgear all wearing smocks.
BBG9 Waffen SS figures in a mix of smock and M43 jacket.8cm GRW 34 Mortar & loader. Crewman crouching sighting. NCO with telephone.
BBFH9 Panzershrek Team moving. NCO with MP40. Mix of headgear all wearing smocks.
from left BBG5 MG34 crewman advancing,unreleased "Prussia 1945" mp40 late war smock and pants,? carrying two ammo cans,Kellys Heroes Radio Operator, ?


?, middle and far right are unreleased "Prussia 1945" figures in the late war reversible smock and pants

The basing begins. I've used 3/4 washers stuck down with Stik It Medium CA.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A board instead of a TANKS Mat

I came across a pile of MDF offcuts at one of the local cabinet makers the other day and having just had a demo of TANKS i realised i could knock up a board.

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3 x 3 MDF board with the first spray of green
Although its too small a a job for the house painting can its handy because i wanted to play with the airbrushes in preparation for doing some WWII armour. I've had a very cheap single action spraybrush for a long time but lost the little feed tube. Having bodged it up with some aquarium tubing it still works a treat and i did most of this board with the gun. When that was out of commission i bought a cheap bottom feed airbrush with a cup and a jar attachment. I'll probably pass this onto someone else as it just doesn't feed enough through for undercoating and feeding from the bottom when it has the cup attached is pretty distracting to do anything else, 

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Dirt road and some assorted tank tracks.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Miniature Scenery 28mm MDF Imperial Ruins

I've just pulled these out of a box while i was looking for something else and realised i'd never shared them here. They are the 28mm Imperial Ruins Corner and Straights from Miniature Scenery.

Done quite a while ago i've detailed the walkways with card tiles and some sand in the crevices, undercoated black then worked up the greys. I was looking for a very generic look and there are no modern touches apart from the loopholes in the corner section.

The ends are cleverly designed to push together (but not lock) to give a more solid wall effect or they could be scattered around as each piece can stand alone. The straights have two levels and the corner has four with the landing at the rear. There are two more kits which i don't have which are the gateway and a breached wall section.

28mm GW Ork and Imperial Guardsman for scale
These are the original router cut versions as they were a fairly old kit. It's possible Miniature Scenery have converted newer kits over to laser cut as they modernise the range. From memory the only fiddly bits were the buttresses and all went together well with PVA to stop it moving. Highly recommended they make a solid model for the tabletop.