Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Necrons win a game!!!

1750 points of Necrons vs Blood Angels
Dawn of War and the Capture and Control mission
Disastrous first turn with a monolith wrecked again from the Landaiders Lascannons.
Veil of Darkness lord teleporting into terrain and taking a squad of Necrons with him.
The game ended on turn six with the Destroyer bodied Lord making a run for the opposing objective to contest it and two squads of Necrons sitting on their home objective after Assault Marines moved away!  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Enforcer" omnibus novel

Another Omnibus edition has come into my posession from the Games Workshops' Black Library. "Enforcer" by Matthew Farrer. Who like Henry Zou also happens to be an Australian author. The softcover contains three novels and some extra bonus material. This author seems to really know his Warhammer 40000 background as there is so much of the detailed mechanics of the story that rings true with what i've read of the background setting.

The first book "Crossfire" reads almost like a "standard" detective story set in the dark future with lots of shootouts between the Adeptus Arbites heroine Shira Calpurnia and the baddies. The second "Legacy" was the stand out for me with a couple of pretty good twists although the actions of the tech priest seemd to jar a bit with the actions of an supposedly intelligent character.  The third book "Blind" ran on from consequences of the ending of the second but took a completely different twist.

These Omnibus editions are great value at a little under the price of two regular paperbacks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Necrons get another run

This time against blue smurf Ultramarines who won by a narrow margin. The tin men made it to the end of the game (turn 6) with one Necron left to phase out time. I lost a Monolith in turn 2 which was more than a little frustrating. But i did cripple the Space Marine Vindicator in return. Highlights of the game were my opponents ten man squad of Terminators running from the field :) and the Destoyer Lord coming back from Terminator smack down then taking out a five man squad of Assault Marines.

Thoughts for next time are don't get rushed into shooting. It was getting late in the evening though. If i'd remembered to teleport one of my last squads of Necrons closer to the objective it could well have been a draw.

The rules for how the Monolith is used are still causing some confusion for me. If says in the FAQ that it deep strikes from reserve when available then a squad of Necrons which are available from reserve can come through the portal in the Monolith same turn and go 2" as if they were hopping out of a vehicle. I suspect a lot of it is 4 th edition codex being twisted to fit in with 5th edition Warhammer 40000. I can't wait for a new codex.

I've also been working on getting the two second hand Monoliths that i have painted to a reasonable standard. Its a slow process as there are a lot of very straight lines on both to be dry drushed and touched up.

Both have had their "handles" popped off. I won't put them back on till i'm almost done with the painting. The Monolith on the right with the brass fittings had a dodgy metallic blue paintjob on the sides which i've been working on covering up. Its saving grace was that the Necron rods haven't been glued in place so i can work without fear of painting over them. It was also the better assembled of the two with the black one having some joins not quite touching.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Necrons have a run against the Blood Angels

My ever optimistic Necrons have just had a 1750 game against Johns Blood Angels. Army Builder EX made putting the Blood Angel list together a breeze too with the computer alongside the table.

Necron of the match has to go to the Necron Lord who dispatched the Librarian Terminator HQ then held up three units of Marines before using the Veil to get out of dodge only to mishap back into Johns hands and be put right back where he started to be finished off next turn.

The Necrons managed to come very close in a game of Annihilate with the final score being  5 to 6 in the Blood Angels favour. My two Monoliths fared very poorly with some average dice rolling on my part and some excellent work by Johns Landraider.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Goliath stick insect comes to visit for the holidays

Charlie the Goliath Stick Insect has come to visit from B2's kindergarten for the holidays. She doesn't do much just eats eucalyptus leaves and drops big rat sized poo.  

Pretty cool colouration when you get up close.

I mentioned that Charlie had come to visit to big dan and he drew me a picture of a bug egg. So when i was cleaning out the tank I had a look and sure enough there they were. 13 eggs from a week or two. big dan has them in the incubator at the pet shop so we'll see whether we get teeny stick insects in a little while. 

A win for the Necrons against Imperial Guard

I've been playing 1500 point games of warhammer 40000 for a while now as it seems to me to give a game that's not too crowded on a 6 x 4 tabletop. The GOB is practicing for a tournament in Melbourne at the end of July which uses 1750 point armies so we've just had a go with my beefed up Necron list against his latest Cadian Guard list. With the extra 250 points an extra Monolith gets to make an appearance. mwmwmwmwmw ha!

Turn 2 - Imperial Guard missile launchers wondering why there is now a Monolith parked outside their position with its guns pointing in the window.

Casualties mount for the guard on turn 4 - 5. Destoyer Lord and Necrons on left have just wiped out Stormtrooper squad and the Lord turns to the Sentinels which have already lost one of their number to massed Gauss fire. The first Monolith is taking a lot of hits.

The second Monolith makes an appearance, Guardsmen are winnowed down, and the Lord and Flayers move on to a Leman Russ on the right. The game had ended at this point with the result being a win to NECRONS on points.

The view from the necrons lurking safely in the ruined building.