Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Necrons have a run against the Blood Angels

My ever optimistic Necrons have just had a 1750 game against Johns Blood Angels. Army Builder EX made putting the Blood Angel list together a breeze too with the computer alongside the table.

Necron of the match has to go to the Necron Lord who dispatched the Librarian Terminator HQ then held up three units of Marines before using the Veil to get out of dodge only to mishap back into Johns hands and be put right back where he started to be finished off next turn.

The Necrons managed to come very close in a game of Annihilate with the final score being  5 to 6 in the Blood Angels favour. My two Monoliths fared very poorly with some average dice rolling on my part and some excellent work by Johns Landraider.

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