Inside the Brick Warrnambool 2016

I didn't have to travel far for this one which is nice. The Inside the Brick crew have stepped up their expo campaign with more shows in the regions. This one was upstairs at the Lighthouse Theatre in Warrnambool and hopefully they'll be able to come back next year for a bigger event with some local content.
Busy from the start. This was taken at about 9:50 Saturday morning.
Lego Dragons
A very nice Lego Oriental castle. I'm pretty sure this is a MOC rather than a set.

A little bit of large scale Lego Minecraft 

Thomas chuffing around on the Lego Train table.

Lego Pirates

The expo was a fair bit smaller than the Ballarat expo that i'd been to a couple of years ago which limited the scale of displays and the building area particularly. The staggered entry times really help with the number of people in the event which was good. Brickvention is on in Melbourne next week which might have put a damper on exhibitors travelling down too with only I'm Rick James making it for the sellers
It's interesting to see how the kids do a quick trip around the exhibits and then make beelines for the building tables to potter away there. And the way the parents hang around looking a bit bemused.
That's a lot of green bricks.

The Bricklayers Arms. Clever.

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