Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some airbrush painting technology...

Vallejo paints and mig's "Painting Wargame Tanks"
I've ended up with a bit of late war British Armour here at Catweasel headquarters mostly 15mm but at least a couple of 20mm vehicles. Getting the colour right has kept me looking past my usual paints towards Vallejo especially when the Vallejo Russian Uniform colour keeps getting recommended. Then i realised Vallejo do coloured Primers. I'd also seen Heresy Brushs excellent book and example using a British Sherman which is here although he uses the Mig Jiminez paints.

Having farted around looking at different places to buy (as i don't have a hobby shop within a days drive) Vallejo and then stumbling across Wargame Miniatures which are at least in my home state I had a place to buy what i wanted. They had the Primer Vallejo's 73.607 U.K. Bronze Green which is a 60ml, Painting Wargame Tanks by Ruben Torregrosa and the Vallejo UK Bronze Green Painting System 78.407 which has 6 8ml pots included. I added some Vallejo cleaner and thinner and hit go. I would likely have got some extra PSC 15mm M4A4's but he had none in stock. Two days later it was on my doorstep. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

15mm Microtactix Normandy building project

These buildings are the continuing construction for some WWII 15mm war game props. None have their awnings or chimneys added yet. The two front right are the free tester model both printed in black and white. One has been coloured in with pencils. The barn building at back left is another freebie which you can find hidden in the Microtactix site. I've been printing these on plain paper then gluing them to cereal cardboard but it seems to be just that bit too stiff so I'll try printing onto cardboard when I remember to pick some up from the paper shop. 

Here you can see the underside. It's not possible to glue a base into them so I'm testing folding the bottom flaps inside as you can see on the right. I'll then make a base with a male plug to fit in the socket of the house.

I found a piece of buff? cardboard which I had in the hobby stash. It printed nicely and folds a lot easier so it looks like ill be switching to this method. I have noticed there are no bases in this set.