Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some airbrush painting technology...

Vallejo paints and mig's "Painting Wargame Tanks"
I've ended up with a bit of late war British Armour here at Catweasel headquarters mostly 15mm but at least a couple of 20mm vehicles. Getting the colour right has kept me looking past my usual paints towards Vallejo especially when the Vallejo Russian Uniform colour keeps getting recommended. Then i realised Vallejo do coloured Primers. I'd also seen Heresy Brushs excellent book and example using a British Sherman which is here although he uses the Mig Jiminez paints.

Having farted around looking at different places to buy (as i don't have a hobby shop within a days drive) Vallejo and then stumbling across Wargame Miniatures which are at least in my home state I had a place to buy what i wanted. They had the Primer Vallejo's 73.607 U.K. Bronze Green which is a 60ml, Painting Wargame Tanks by Ruben Torregrosa and the Vallejo UK Bronze Green Painting System 78.407 which has 6 8ml pots included. I added some Vallejo cleaner and thinner and hit go. I would likely have got some extra PSC 15mm M4A4's but he had none in stock. Two days later it was on my doorstep. 

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