Saturday, September 3, 2016

Folding archery target butt

I do a bit of target archery and i've been fooling around with different low cost alternatives for targets. Cardboard is cheap but gets chewed up really quickly especially with high accuracy resulting in pass throughs. I had bought a target with two foam rubber faces and internal foam but it failed on the first arrow basically.

Then i came across this on Ebay from a Queeensland archer. Big enough to fit a three face target on. With freight it worked out similar price wise to a commercial foam target but hopefully will be more durable.

It's a bit irregular though so it needed a stand. I'd had a look on Google and Pinterest for stand plans and came across this on the Calcresult site.

Along with this pin on Pinterest which gives some angles and ratios for a competition stand.

Then it was a matter of heading out to the lab with some scrap from a deck we pulled up and voila. I managed to use what supplies i had in the shed without having to buy any more screws or bolts. I may run a piece of rope between front and back to stop in unfolding if the target falls off somehow.

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