Thursday, September 22, 2016

US Paras land

I was recently very generously given some 28mm Warlord Miniatures WWII figures by Swampy. The US Paras from the new "Band of Brothers" Starter Set along with an assembled set of the regular US infantry.

I've been beavering away getting them together. First impressions are they are beautifully made, great expressions on the faces, go together well but lack the extra bits of kit that would really give those extra options for kit bashing. There are a lot of Thompson SMG's in the kit.

I quite like firing figures and the kit is a bit short on Garands in that position so i cut out the carbine and added the M1 from the shouldered pose.

There is a base sprue in the kit but no larger bases so i've used an older flat GW 60mm base for the MG and crew and i'll probably build a second rather than trying to do more prone figures.
I've added a bazooka, bazooka rocket bag, grease gun, grenade hand and a Springfield scoped rifle from the remainders of the US kit (I'm not sure about the rifles issue but it will just count as a Garand if it's not needed).
The set of Warlord WWII American Infantry with lots of Springfield rifles. 

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