Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pictures from Axol's build of a Bad Moon Gork

Local (to me) gamer Axol has been posting pictures of his Games Workshop Gorkanaut. He's trying to hit 30 minutes of painting a day which is a good discipline trick to keep moving on a project like this. He's using a Bad Moon paint scheme with yellow, yellow, yellow. It will be interesting to see it as he moves to the other colours and how this changes the "yellowness"

Have a look at his gallery over at Imgur

Microtactix Battlelands Set A progress

One of the smaller Normandy buildings showing how I get the join to set. I'm using an glue stick for adhesive but I do run tape over the inside of the joint. PVA glue may be an option that I'll explore where I need a stronger bond than the glue stick.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

15mm Microtactix paper buildings

I've been working on these Normandy buildings in between World of Tanks battles. Bought the two sets of plans ages ago from RPGNow mostly for 20 mm but I've decided to give them a run in 15 mm which is what they were designed for. They are BattleLands 15mm Normandy: 1944 Set A-Buildings and  Set B-Ruins and Scenics.

Laser printed onto standard paper i'm reinforcing with cereal packet cardboard. the two ruins in the photo above are tests as i want to make them sturdy enough but still fine enough to look right to my eye.  

FOW 15 mm American paratroopers for scale. The building on the left is the trial downloadable here and the one on the right is from Set A-Buildings. Neither have chimneys yet and i will leave the awnings off the cafe? until i'm closer to completion. The structures are designed to go on a square street base but i'm thinking of sealing the bottom with some weight inside to make them more versatile.