Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trying out the new(ish) Necron army for Warhammer 40K

I picked up a large number of Games Workshop Necron figures on Ebay last month and have had the chance to try them out over a couple of games with the GOB. More than enough figures to create a 1500 point force with handfuls left over. Not the best mix possibly but most had a half done paint job so i could throw the living metal straight into battle.

Game 1

Lord with destroyer body hiding on top of a building after taking some wounds from the Librarian and terminators to the right of photo. the remains of a scarab unit fleeing mid photo and two units of Necrons about to get pounded by the Ultramarines between the two buildings. 

The Vindicator you can see midfield proved to be a pain in both games. There was a Heavy Destroyer left behind the construction vehicles on the right which I completely forgot in the carnage. 

The result of rapid firing and close combat on a squad of Assault Marines. If they could have had him too all would have been well. But no. There was a Dreadnought to the right of the photo and he piled in on the next turn helping to wipe the Warriors from the table.

Game 2

Poor leadership led to the Veil of Darkness being used very badly in the first game. The second game went almost as badly with the lord and accompanying warriors almost ending up off the table as you can see at the extreme top of this photo and the next. 

Necron man of the match went to the Lord with Destroyer body who put paid to two combat squads and a chaplain virtually by himself.

I will rethink my tactical use of the Veil of Darkness, rejig scarabs and there is a Spider on the way too.