Saturday, May 6, 2017

Miniature Scenery 28mm MDF Imperial Ruins

I've just pulled these out of a box while i was looking for something else and realised i'd never shared them here. They are the 28mm Imperial Ruins Corner and Straights from Miniature Scenery.

Done quite a while ago i've detailed the walkways with card tiles and some sand in the crevices, undercoated black then worked up the greys. I was looking for a very generic look and there are no modern touches apart from the loopholes in the corner section.

The ends are cleverly designed to push together (but not lock) to give a more solid wall effect or they could be scattered around as each piece can stand alone. The straights have two levels and the corner has four with the landing at the rear. There are two more kits which i don't have which are the gateway and a breached wall section.

28mm GW Ork and Imperial Guardsman for scale
These are the original router cut versions as they were a fairly old kit. It's possible Miniature Scenery have converted newer kits over to laser cut as they modernise the range. From memory the only fiddly bits were the buttresses and all went together well with PVA to stop it moving. Highly recommended they make a solid model for the tabletop.

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