Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Enforcer" omnibus novel

Another Omnibus edition has come into my posession from the Games Workshops' Black Library. "Enforcer" by Matthew Farrer. Who like Henry Zou also happens to be an Australian author. The softcover contains three novels and some extra bonus material. This author seems to really know his Warhammer 40000 background as there is so much of the detailed mechanics of the story that rings true with what i've read of the background setting.

The first book "Crossfire" reads almost like a "standard" detective story set in the dark future with lots of shootouts between the Adeptus Arbites heroine Shira Calpurnia and the baddies. The second "Legacy" was the stand out for me with a couple of pretty good twists although the actions of the tech priest seemd to jar a bit with the actions of an supposedly intelligent character.  The third book "Blind" ran on from consequences of the ending of the second but took a completely different twist.

These Omnibus editions are great value at a little under the price of two regular paperbacks.

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