Friday, July 2, 2010

A win for the Necrons against Imperial Guard

I've been playing 1500 point games of warhammer 40000 for a while now as it seems to me to give a game that's not too crowded on a 6 x 4 tabletop. The GOB is practicing for a tournament in Melbourne at the end of July which uses 1750 point armies so we've just had a go with my beefed up Necron list against his latest Cadian Guard list. With the extra 250 points an extra Monolith gets to make an appearance. mwmwmwmwmw ha!

Turn 2 - Imperial Guard missile launchers wondering why there is now a Monolith parked outside their position with its guns pointing in the window.

Casualties mount for the guard on turn 4 - 5. Destoyer Lord and Necrons on left have just wiped out Stormtrooper squad and the Lord turns to the Sentinels which have already lost one of their number to massed Gauss fire. The first Monolith is taking a lot of hits.

The second Monolith makes an appearance, Guardsmen are winnowed down, and the Lord and Flayers move on to a Leman Russ on the right. The game had ended at this point with the result being a win to NECRONS on points.

The view from the necrons lurking safely in the ruined building.

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