Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hasslefree Miniatures

I've long admired these figures from a small English outfit but have never had the impetus to acquire some. I picked up a couple of these miniatures from the bargain bin at Mind Games in Melbourne a few weeks ago. The sculpting is excellent and coming from an accomplished sculptor like Kev rather than someone who is just learning how to do things even these early efforts (from 2005) are just beautiful. Possibly the only concern would be how they would fit in with my other hordes of miniatures.

"Krags" a Grymn or space dwarf next to mini me and a couple of Games Workshop Dwarves, one of who is the now long OOP squat guild biker.

The miniatures are 28mm in size and are much finer in appearance rather than the exaggerated heroic features of the GW style figures. Anatomically they seem spot on without the "big head" appearance of many miniatures.

"Krags", the photo doesn't do justice to the detail on this figure.

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