Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A quick meal

I ended up being at home by myself for an evening last week. Which is unheard of with two small children and wife. So i promptly nicked off for a long MTB ride only coming back as it got dark. When i got back i was hungry but time was getting on so i whipped up a quick meal.

Ainsley Harriot's branded instant foods have popped up over here over the last few years and the flavours are usually to my taste so they are quite often in our cupboard for emergencies.
Couscous is a sort of pasta for want of a better explanation that only requires boiling water to heat it and rehydrate ready for eating. You can buy it plain and add flavours but these small packs save a bit of mucking around. 

Leftover roast chicken, snow peas, spring onions, pre mix couscous and funky little Kumato grape tomatoes.

Ainsleys' Moroccan Medley Couscous in the bowl ready for hot water injection. This little bowl takes our smallest saucepan lid.

Heat pan, throw chicken in then snow peas and spring onions, get some colour and heat into these ingredients.

Pop tomatoes in last, i prefer them to be just heated through rather than mush.

A knob of butter gets cut into the moisturised couscous after its sat covered for five minutes then its ready to go.
Complete, yum.
The only thing i would have added was a dollop of yoghurt but it certainly hit the spot.

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