Friday, April 22, 2011

A Dragon Stug IV arrives

The Dragon Stug IV with a Deagostini/Altaya Panzer IV for size comparison. 
No markings apart from crosses on the sides and rear of the hull. If i had to nitpick the only thing that lets this model down is the tracks which don't sag like the real ones would. 
The main gun actually elevates.

detail, detail, detail

A lovely model down to the periscopes for commander and gunner. Even the triangles for the side skirt holders to hang off are really fine and this model is a tribute to the skill of the assemblers of these models.
I picked this model up from Mil Sims in Melbourne for $16 while i was down there visiting the parents.  Its one of those shops which has had a strong internet presence for a long time which continued on from their paper based catalogue in the days of snail mail. For me its one of those places i seldom get to go but always enjoy putting around in the store. I've just found out they are having an Easter Saturday only sale too, bugger.

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