Friday, July 29, 2011

Latest White Dwarf offerings - August 2011

Well it's Saturday morning and White Dwarf issue 380 has hit hobby stores. Like it or loathe it this is the advertorial for all things Games Workshop so here's a run down on release info and what's in the shiny new thing.

Vampire Counts - new model in the combination Vampire Lord / Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon / Terrorgheist. It's another big plastic kit in the vein of last months dark elf release. There are also two new plastic single kits being the Tomb Banshee and Cairn Wraith. I've said it once and i'll say it again. These single plastics are the future of what they should be releasing. That and Forgeworld being main range :). These models get official rules updates in the magazine.

New Chaos Demons Battalion / Battleforce. No new models just a box set.

New Terrain in the shape of the Garden of Morr. Its a Cemetary in plastic with a lot of useful pieces for 28mm gaming with a statue, fencing and the crypts. Looks very useful. Did i mention i thought this would be useful?

There's a new Herald of Tzeentch and rereleases of Vlad and Konrad Von Carstein in resin. I showed this issue very briefly to a colleague this morning who's a mad converter and he was frothing about the standards for both Tzeentch and Khorne which appear in three blisters.

What is it with Dark Eldar? They get some more love with a model each for the Ur-Ghul and Medusae. I dont know any of the other ranges that has had such a complete overhaul and continued support from GW.

Games Worshop continues with the excellent work they've been doing this year with their FAQ's introducing a thing called The Shrine of Knowledge. The latest is an amendment to the power scroll item. See the page for this one. There's an ad for FFG's Dark Heresy RPG and notice of the Space Marine collectors edition. No model = :(

LOTR actually gets a bit this month in the form of a cavalry article. It runs through the basics then goes into more detail with Light and Heavy Cavalry. 

A couple of battle reports covering the Garden of Morr and Storm of Magic, Jervis Johnsons ramblings, Hall of Fame and a modelling workshop on the Dark Elf Black Dragon are in there. Sisters of Battle get the first half of their White Dwarf codex release but no new models. boo hiss. There is an interesting pose of the Penitent engine standing on one leg. How they managed to move this from the workbench to the photo table without it snapping at the ankle I don't know.  

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