Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ebay extravaganza

Its been a busy week on the ebay front with a lot of stuff going in to the store and a lot more to come. With two collections to reduce the biggest time waster is just correctly identifying stuff. I have two pile of epic scale stuff, more necromunda, early heroquest figures and more painted figures among others.

Postage continues to be an issue with a need to estimate the cost accurately and not underestimate the cost and be out of pocket. I'm sure this has resulted in me quoting higher than i should on some items.

After having 1 item lost ( and refunding the cost) in my last round of sales I'm very wary of sending items without registering them with Australia Post.

Its amazing how much easier it is when ebayers use the cart system and open communication rather than just relying on the psychic connection.

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