Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Painting Pledge Still Working On It

Well, it's been a busy christmas season with two kids running around, relatives, a little bit of work.

But now things have calmed down a litle bit I've got a bit more time for the Pledge.

First things first...clearing the cupboards.

Ebay is receiving a handful of auctions for raw miniatures which I've acquired but just won't have time for in the forseeable future. It's actually taking a while just to list the stuff and honestly I'm only taking the top off the lead/plastic pile. My darling wife is looking on sceptically..."you have to sell more than you buy" may have been her words. My painting table is labouring under the accumulation of stuff.

Have a look at my ebay auctions.

I will be ebaying a fellow collectors spares collection in the next couple of weeks. Two tables worth, lots of bits, tank bits, orc/goblins, marines. It took me three hours to get to this point in the picture.

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