Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the painting line

Having packed away the painting table for B1 to have his own room again and now packing to move to a new house I'm reduced to a couple of boards that i can stash in the cupboard.
I tend to paint in batches and with multiple batches running at the same time to reduce boredom.
Just before i took this photo i realised that i was one DA short. What i've done is started on the Ultramarines and used one of the undercoated DA's in that count. DOH!
Above you can see three squads of Games Workshop Space Marines from the Dark Angels and Ultramarines chapters, a Bloodbowl Rat Ogre, some Gnoblars (a small goblin), Dave the Fu!uk Orc and a base of Tyranid Rippers.

Most of the Marine figures are secondhand plastic miniatures some of which have been stripped with Simple Green. Others had reasonably sound black undercoat so i've just painted over that. Above are three of the bare headed DA Marines, the figure on the right still has his basing material unpainted.

This is a classic Goblin Ballista miniature that has languished partly painted in my cupboard for a long time. I'm almost happy with it, perhaps a bit more highlighting and some green bits on the base and she's done. The figures to go with it are painted I just have to track them down.

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