Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Skaven clan rats make it to the painting table

I bought these clan rats many years ago (10?) at Mind Games in Geelong to enter in a painting competition. I managed to get them together and there the project stalled. Two of the regimental bases make them a lot easier to handle. I was struck by how as i was painting the toes ( figures on the left) they really appeared to take a leap in how finished they were. It really seemed to define them.
These are older plastic figures from Games Workshop and when you handle them you can see how they lack detail on one side especially their feet. These are from the days when there were metal pieces included for the command group. Over the years they've fallen off as i didn't pin them at the time so now i'll have to track down the bits or find some plastic substitutes.
In the background are two rat ogres from GW, Headsplitter and a Bloodbowl player.

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