Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first game of Space Hulk

Well it's out. The eagerly awaited re release from Games Workshop, Space Hulk.

 I got the chance to play three games today on the GOB's set. thanks again to him for bringing it round and running through the game. 

 My first impressions are that there is a lot of stuff in the box, the board sections are to my eye a little cluttered and this may be what other internetsi have been talking about when they have mentioned the board pieces are shiny. If you look at them from the side you  can't see what's going on. It's just a little distracting.

The marine and genestealer pieces are good especially the marines with fine chain and scroll work. Although we were using some painted genestealers from a previous generation. We played the first mission on either side then played one of the more complicated missions.

The marines needed to flame the room on top left, the librarian one move from completing the mission. 

Working out how the terminators need to divide as they go along helps too.

The first mission played with me as the genestealers, the flame template took out one at the far end of the section and the 'stealer took two steps and flattened the flamer marine. Game over.

The second mission we played introduced the assault cannon. Note to self : don't assault up a long corridor onto the assault cannon. It got close with the Terminator having to reload but chewed up half a dozen 'stealers and allowed the marines to seal all the entry points.

We didn't end up using the sand timer as both of us had no problem keeping things moving. i imagine it would make a difference in a competitive game.

The bitz people are hard at it as well. One of the guys i've bought from before is Under The Couch and i notice he's still got a few pieces from the Space Hulk box although the Space Marines seem to have gone pretty quickly.
 Note he has been restocking and adjusting his prices a bit so well worth a look (3/11/09)

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