Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Japanese riding from Perth to Cairns arrive in Warrnambool, Victoria

Its been a busy couple of weeks here with our house move and the resulting re organising. No time for miniatures and a lack of high speed Internet access has reduced my net time as well. Some more Space Hulk figures turned up in the mail courtesy of Under The Couch with the excellent Tyranid Broodlord being one of them.

The most entertaining thing that's happened today was when I was looking out the back window and noticed two heavily laden cyclists pulling off to the side of the highway. Watching the pantomime brought a smile to my face as the second cyclist pulled a tiny pump from his panniers. As B1 and B2 were getting a bit stir crazy and I thought the guys might appreciate the offer of a bigger pump off we went through the vacant block to the side of the road with our track pump. It turns out they are riding from Perth to Cairns and are 2 ½ months into their trip. Which they were calling a holiday.

That's just mad.

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