Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Building the modular wargaming table top mark I

The GOB has asked me to put together some modular tabletops which will rest on trestle tables for Warhammer / 40 K games. The board size will ideally be 4' x 2' with three bolting together to form an 6' x 4' table. We had discussed a High Density foam layer with scenery constructed permanently on top and the initial discussion involved plans for 18 boards but i'll start with one set (3 boards) and we'll work from there.

The photo above shows the pieces for the first board mocked up for size. The biggest problem is the size of sheet material here. If it has been cut in the USA then it will be in feet but if it's been made here it will be metric and thus a little short in every direction. Construction will be pine as it's pretty cheap running at $0.97 AUD a metre here.

Thinking music here...

I decided to go with 3mm MDF which has come from the US and has been cut into 4' x 2' sheets. I'd prefer ply for its extra strength but aren't prepared to wear the waste of cutting down a big sheet. Not to mention cutting the sheets by hand.

Board one screwed together. I toyed with the idea of using a long board down the middle but this double brace going across should be stronger and uses up scrap from around the place.

And an example of how it will work on a trestle table. With another one or two bolted to it shouldn't move too much. I've now nailed and glued the top on and that's sitting in the shed with some weights on top.


  1. I plan on building a couple of 2 foot x 4 foot gaming tables. (Sometime in the next couple of months) Your bracing is much more than I had planned on using.

    Thank you


  2. Even with the bracing the 3mm MDF has twisted and cupped inside the pockets. I may use ply for further attempts.