Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A new direction for White Dwarf?

The latest edition of White Dwarf, Games Workshops magazine, which is number 368 has turned up here.

Lots of stuff on Daemons for Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 to tie in their new plastic releases. Articles on heroes of legend in War of the Ring, magic for the new 8th edition of Warhammer, John Blanche and Jervis Johnson get bits and finally there are two articles that cover modelling and painting. The twisted landscape modelling workshop covers chaos terrain and uses a fair bit of the plastic terrain available from Games Workshop. The painting masterclass covers the new plastic Daemon Prince with a focus on using fades along with a small bit on fading colours generally and varnishes. Both of these are top quality pieces of work.

What stands out to me is the apparent switch to focus on single themes for an issue of the magazine. This seems to have started from last months issue with the 8th edition Warhammer coverage were there was no Warhammer 40000 or middle earth coverage at all. I had another long time player remark that he wouldn't have bought it if it hadn't come through his subscription.

One thing I look forward to in this magazine is the painting, modelling and showcase articles. Over the last 2 years they have improved out of sight and have really shown some quality painting techniques especially. They seem to be going for a harder sell on the rules with bigger battle reports which are less interesting to me along with a glossier newer look to the magazine. Which makes sense i suppose as its a company apparatus for expanding sales.

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