Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pegasus City Ruins 1 review and build

These Pegasus plastic kits have been available for a few years but living outside major metro they are a bit hard to spot in the flesh. Information was hard to track down partly because of the abysmal Pegasus website. As near as i can tell Pegasus are a large retail store in the US who have their fingers in a few pies with some 1/72 or 1/76 plastic kits being of interest to me and then this Gothic building series in 28mm. With their website concentrating on R/C kits and add ons its a little hard to get accurate information on what these kits can do. There are two Gothic building kits with this one being the smaller ruined version, a bridge and a cathedral/church type building.
I was lucky enough to be in the LFGS when the rep who handles Pegasus called in and I jumped up and down till some were ordered (didn't take long though).

The Pegasus City Ruins kit in its raw state moulded in a darkish grey plastic. 
On opening the box i was impressed to find no sprue, so what you feel when you pick up the box is all kit. The larger Gothic building is impressive just on the weight alone. From an environmental point of view they should be congratulated as there is no waste at our end and presumably the sprues go back into the melting pot at the production end.
There are twenty solid pieces in the ruins kit with the only fragile bit being the small window bit on the top right hand corner of the piece you can see above the glue pot on the left of the photo above (that was a mouthful). Its well designed with no electrical cabling at all making it suitable for both fantasy and sci fi applications. It also pushes together without glue. 

As this kit was going to be a gaming piece and display model in the store i've put it together in two ways. The first is glued and painted straight from the box the second has been glued and modified to give a more realistic feel.

Gothic city ruins pushed together for a test fit.
Built straight from the box with a basic paint job its very satisfactory.
After undercoating and putting the first coat of Grey on i realized there was still a flash mark inside the window frames so out came the small file.

And its at this point that i realise that i've misplaced a few photos. Read the second part of the build here


  1. My local wargames store in Perth sells these kits. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the info, very nice review.