Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pegasus City Ruins 1 final build

Pegasus City Ruins 1 completed. The ruin with the checkered flooring on the left has had the full treatment. Two or so extra coats of paint than the plain one. All holes and join marks filled and sanded flat. The tops of the columns have been built up to represent the torn edges.  

Pegasus City Ruins 1 painted and coated with two coats of White Knight Crystal Clear Acrylic "Satin"

The finish and fit on these is good straight out of the box but with a little care and time they can be something you'll really be showing off.

The small upright broken off the building on the left

I'd also love to see another part of the building with a staircase and landing to access the second floor. Well thought out by the manufacturer with a solid feel the only niggle would be the small window bead that will break. And if that's the only thing wrong with a kit you must be on to a good thing. They're available direct from Pegasus and most hobby shops at least in the U.S. and Australia should be able to get them in for you.

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