Friday, October 1, 2010

Green Zebra Pasta in Albury

The family and I wandered up to the New South Wales Border to do a spot of business and some catching up with family friends at the end of September. We had an action packed weekend and then extended trip back through Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. While we were in Albury I wanted to go for at least one meal at the Green Zebra as B1 and B2 both enjoy their pasta. Unfortunately it's been a while since i've been there and they aren't open on a Saturday night. Never mind, we wandered in the next morning for breakfast.
Street signs with the snazzy Green Zebra logo
Caffe Latte with a little squiggle
B2 enjoying his fresh juice.
Poached eggs and bacon, handmade fresh bread and a little squiggle of sweet reduction. This photo was taken with my phone and doesn't do justice to how awesome this looked, smelt and tasted. 
French toast with bacon and real maple syrup. Thick slices that were actually fluffy with the perfectly cooked egg mixture.

I will admit I did a couple of nights work for Paul and Wendy a long time ago. It could even have been last century as it was not long after they had set up. But I don't think that means I have a bias without good reason. They employ good staff both in the kitchen and out the front and their passion for food shows through. Paul's organisation borders on the obsessive although you don't really appreciate this until you see inside the tiny cool room that the cooking staff work out of. Recommended eating although its tight inside if you're lugging a kid in a pram. 

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