Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Wargaming opponent

I was doing my usual Saturday afternoon gig with the Games Workshop stuff at the local FLGS when one of our counter staff said there was a man to see me. "A man ?" I said, thinking that I had no outstanding debts as far as I knew. It turned out it was a semi local looking for a wargame that wasn't Warhammer. Nap's, ACW and WWII were mentioned. One thing I have avoided like the plague is Napoleonics because I know just how many figure purchases that might lead to. ACW isn't really something i'm interested in although a pick up game could be entertaining. My interest was piqued though. Which leaves WWII.

WWII 20mm would be my scale of choice because I already have enough figures here without any extras. Although 15mm is enticing because of the sheer range available again its a slippery slope to another scale and range of figures I have to find homes for. But what ruleset to play?

Having come home and ruminated about it IABSM suddenly came to mind. It's a copy of rules that I've had for a little while but have had no reason to play so I may suggest these. Cheap as chips with room for gentlemanly discussion and period specific adjustments to the rules. Not for rules lawyers apparently so we'll see how I go with the sales pitch.
The I Ain't Been Shot Mum website is over at Lard Island.


  1. Don't kid yourself, the range of what's available in 20mm surpasses that of 15mm by a wide margin. Japanese paratroops, Vickers Crossley armoured cars, Moroccan Goumiers, Polish artillery tractors, you name it.

    Another ruleset you might want to look up is "Rapid Fire!" More old school than IABSM, but, imho, just as fun.

  2. strangely enough i've spent last evening looking for 20mm italian breda (lmg) gunners. the old airfix set doesnt have them and im not happy with what ive been able to find so far. what appeals in the 15mm is as they are mostly newer ranges that are generally better sculpts and certainly as good as 15 year old 20mm ones.

  3. I would have to disagree; apart from Peter Pig and the old Battlefront stuff I have yet to see a 15mm figure that's sculpted to the standards of, say, Tony Boustead or Anthony Barton.

    Have you looked at some of the metal ranges, like Mirliton and SHQ?

  4. Happy to agree with that but what i said was 15 year old sculpts which many of the established 20mm ranges are. Also for the size of the 15's there is less detail needed. I'd love to see Anthony Barton do some Italians and for Eureka to have the ability to cast them back. Warmodelling would be another i'd like to see do some as they generally do an infantry then support weapon pack. They in particular have a really good range which has been available over here from Battlescape.

    Mirliton fall into that older style for me. SHQ was were i was going to get my bredas (si5?) but their lack of images is frustrating.