Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pegasus German Army Infantry 1939 Review

Pegasus Set 7499 straight from the box
I've been aware of these for a long time but haven't ever seen them in the flesh until I managed to get some into my local FLGS. Images of these are really hard to find as well at least partly because of the woeful Pegasus site. Plastic Soldier Review has come through again with their review and photographs of the assembled figures which is here.

42 figures in 20 multi part poses depicting early war German soldiers.

MG34 on the left and the German anti tank rifle on the right which probably represents PzB 39 due to the cartridge cases mounted to the rear on either side of the breech.
Crawling figure, probably the worst figure in the set which says something of the quality of design.
The design of the set is brilliant with quite a few kneeling / crouching poses. All weapons have slings attached which is difficult to achieve for one figure let alone a whole set. The only figure i thought was a bit wrong was the crawling figure above whose helmet sits up high on his head. I'll trim the second ones head down so it goes a bit lower. 
  • not enough bases, which is part of the design but just plain odd
  • hardish plastic which seems to be taking normal plastic glue well
  • as always the MP40 is over represented but there are some nice poses here
  • only 1 wounded figure and no officers or mortars which has allowed more variants of the basic troops
  • these figures are very similar size wise to the Prieser 1/72 figures to the point where I have used an arm from the Preiser set 72501 to modify one of the Pegasus figures
  • rifle grenade and ATR are included
All in all a great set from Pegasus who also have a set of German paratroops and French WWII figures which seem to be stalled in development.

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