Monday, November 15, 2010

Renedra Barrels

Released under Renedra's Generics label, I picked these up from Warlord Games with a few other bits that arrived today. There are five wooden barrels and five casks on two sprues in a chocolate brown plastic (grey is available) in this retail packet. Each barrel has two halves and goes together smoothly although the two rings around the center of the cask don't quite line up.

The smaller casks which are 1 cm in diameter just before putting them together.
The smaller of the two is a gunpowder keg sort of size while the larger is more of a small wine size. Both have squarish sides rather than the very bowed wine barrel sides.  These are great little scenery enhancers both for fantasy and historicals and a pile might even be useful as an objective. Perfect for all the pirate games that people seem to be playing .

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