Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grey Knights quick thoughts

Some thoughts on the Grey Knight imminent release before i burn out the door to work.
  •  the terminator models are sweet and a big improvement on the old metal models and there are 13 heads on the sprue! thank you GW.
  • i have seen some comment on the internet that people are dissapointed that there is not the wow factor of say the blood angels release. i feel  that is being overly critical because there is a big difference. blood angels were a major leap forward in design especially if you include the space hulk figures while GK are simply new plastic figures with the (almost) same design as the old metals.
  • i am not personally excited about the dread knight as a figure. when you compare it to say the penitent engine it looks like a lego man or a baby carrier as i saw someone remark. Its big though which is cool when you stand it underneath a valkyrie or stormraven.

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