Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More goblins or how i went blind painting tiny teeth.

I've got a handful of Night Goblin spearmen to get done from the last Warhammer boxed set. Who was it that sculpted so many teeth on the little blighters?

These came to me undercoated and partly (badly) painted but without being glued to their bases or with any flash removed. I've been experimenting with painting them unbased but have to admit i'm not a fan. Blocking in the different colours has taken some time with a brown (GW Devlan Mud ) wash down the spear and GW Thraka Green on the flesh.

Now that they are on their bases the teeth and eyes have gone on.

Ready for the dentist and optometrist.
  I've got to the point where they are glued down, tonight is getting them on their bases, sand and undercoat applied and ready for base base coat in the morning.
PVA and sand applied to bases

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  1. I nearly got into Warhammer but the thought of glueing all those plastic parts together sent chills up my spine. Great work on what you have done so far.