Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick review Battle Los Angeles

I went along and saw this last night after umming and aaahing over whether i would bother going to see it on the big screen. My reaction was that i liked it but its not one I'll go after when its comes out on DVD unlike lets say District 9.
It's got plot holes that you could drive a truck through but they kept the action up and i didn't feel i had to leave before the credits rolled.
  • interstellar race invades earth and forgets to install redundant command and control system
  • aliens are here for water but come onto land to get it
  • alien weapon platforms don't have protection for the operators
There were some bits towards the end that just got a bit silly like the scene and dialogue in the Humvee when they shot the alien off the hood and they did blow a lot of stuff up.The aliens were different from the norm look wise but reacted like badly scripted AI shooter aliens which was a pity as they could have been much more menacing and were only really effective at the start of the film. They weren't too over the top with the corny American rah rah stuff although it was just there below the surface trying to come out.
Its a film that reminded me of the original Stargate which was the gateway to the Stargate franchise, so when is the series coming out?
It was a bit Jekyll and Hyde too with the first half being shot like a sketchy fast paced doco. and the second half more like a paper cutter war movie.
Did i mention they blew a lot of stuff up?

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