Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dark Eldar Talos, Scourges and Venom on the painting block

Three Dark Eldar units from this months Games Workshop black box. Venom, Talos and Scourges. Assembled ready for undercoating. Current metal, Ratling for size comparison.

I had some trouble getting the lower hull of the Venom to sit flush.
Which could have been partly the curved sprue.
Dark Eldar Scourges ready to accept arms. I've blanked the arm sockets with blu tac which saves a clean up.
Dark Eldar Scourges with two shard carbines, blaster, heat lance and Agoniser / blast pistol combination on the leader. There are five carbines on the sprue. A Dark Eldar player has already snaffled the spares from these.
I'm making some progress on the Venom and Talos. The Talos will get its six little torso arms when the rest of the body is painted. Both of these have some very fragile parts.

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