Friday, June 24, 2011

The latest and greatest from white dwarf july 2011

Games Workshops White Dwarf may be seeing a bit of a come back with more rules specific to it and a push from Games Workshop for the keeping of secrets till release date.
When you add this tightening of information to the Black boxes having met their demise it should make White Dwarf a bit more relevent for players of their games. You'll notice that many of the normal spruikers of their wares on the internet have clammed up as the information has dried up and i've been careful to keep this article until the 25th which is the release date for White Dwarf in Australia.
So to the juicy bits.

release info on
  • three new plastic monsters/mounts including chimera, manticore and black dragon, the black dragon in particular looks amazing
  • cockatrice in finecast
  • two boxes with two plastic scenic pieces each for storm of magic
  • four single figure plastic sorcerors
  • vortex templates (or webway portals if you like) in six colours
  • funky magic dice in assorted colours for the lores of magic
  • battle magic spellbook
  • re releases of Lammasu and Great Taurus (both originally chaos dwarf specific), Dark Emissary, Truthsayer and Fenbeast (from the Albion campaign, i can't remember what that was called off the top of my head) and a what might be a new scuplt of a Cold One all in Finecast.
  • and right at the back, eight of the classic magic figures available again although by the looks they are still in metal rather than being reproduced in Finecast

  • Storm of Magic - expansion for magic in warhammer with lots of stuff on Storm of Magic of course but importantly the Chimeras stats are here
  • an article on the last batch of new Dark Eldar models with some prep tips for Finecast, general talk and a bit of painting information
  • Cities of Death for Warhammer 40000 gets a makeover with notice of an FAQ and errata document, presumably to come through the website, with a new strategem for each race and four new scenarios in the pages of July's issue
  • not a sausage for LOTR although THQ, Black Library, Fantasy Flight Games and the Art of War Promotion all get a mention

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  1. Damn, hoping they would spoil some kind of Necrons stuff, hahaha.