Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quick review Too Fat Lardies summer special 2011

This latest special contains 129 pages with lots of interesting stuff here drawn from the melding of minds that is the Too Fat Lardies and their supporters. Its available from the Too Fat Lardies webstore.
  • french indian war La longue carabine supplement - Sharp Practice  - 16 pages
  • v beach gallipoli 1915 scenario - if the lord spares us - 5 pages
  • wave goodbye (france 1940) scenario - I Aint Been Shot Mum - 5 pages
  • riverine warfare in vietnam - Charlie Dont Surf - 7 pages
  • brown water delta rules supplement - CDS - 10 pages
  • napoleonic battle in spain 1811 scenario - Le Feu sacre III - 5 pages
  • rogers rangers french indian war scenario - La longue carabine - 5 pages
  • russian / german scenario 1943 - IABSM - 4 pages
  • brown water scenario - CDS - 3 pages
  • Coastal patrol ruleset for WWII - Coastal Patrol - 16 pages
  • Black night scenario - CP - 2 pages
  • On company business french indian war scenaro - La longue carabine - 3 pages
  • frigate actions scenario - Kiss Me Hardy - 4 pages
  • mesopotamian (iraq) 1920 - through the mud and the blood - 6 pages
  • platoon forward bonus scenario - platoon forward - 1 page
  • part two of the mission to rescue il duce - IABSM - 4 pages
  • brown water scenario - CDS - 3 pages
  • Storm of dice (WWI) - higher level interpretation of if the lord spares us - 6 pages
  • Storm of dice scenario (WWI) - storm of dice - 3 pages
  • building WWI woods - not specific ruleset -  6 pages
  • the volga ferryman - bag the hun - 8 pages
  • WWII british/german scenario - IABSM (blitzkrieg supplement)- 4 pages
In my opinion this special suffers from a lack of clarity. There are a number of articles where it's unclear what rule set they are for although the contents page does list the ruleset. Which is ok if you are in the know but to a casual reader dipping their toe in the Lard it seemed like it would be a bit confusing.

The detail presented in the scenarios is done a different way each time which again is ok but seemed like it might have been done better with a standard format and more time put into getting the information across.

Did i think it was worth the money? Yes. It holds a similar amount of information to the paper magazines i occasionally buy and i'll be reading it again for the bits i'm interested in.

Could it have been done better? I think so. When i was in High School I had an English teacher who encouraged us to write rough drafts for essays which were then put away in a drawer for a couple of weeks. By the time you got them out again you could clearly see the problems with the structure. This Special could have spent a little time under the mattress to good effect.

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