Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Surprise

Well after a bit of secrecy and some accidental hints in the form of reference photos left on our computer my wife has received her birthday present ( or one of at least). This fine English holding cell? and call box made famous in a long running British science fiction program although this one is modelled on those used in Glasgow.

The model is cast in Resin by Fenris and was purchased from Hasslefree in the UK. The model looks awesome, there were some very fine bubbles at each bottom corner and one on the top of the light on the roof otherwise a perfect and very detailed casting. Painting it has been harder than i had expected due to the fineness of the police lettering on the four sides and the beading on the windows. It's not quite finished yet, as it needs to be based properly and varnished and I may yet repaint the windows.

One thing I have been surprised at is the number of people who don't know what the Tardis is... where have they been for the last 40 years?

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