Friday, November 14, 2008

The Maw continued...

Well the creature is together, it proved a bit fiddlly to get the legs attached so the feet all sit on the ground. The right forearm has a v shaped cut you can see in the photo below so was easier to position and glue than the others.

I would suggest get this one on first then its right rear leg then the front left leg. The rear left leg goes on last as it doesn't seem to quite touch the ground.

If you have a look at the resin versions on the Hasslefree website they don't either so its not a fault of the mould maker or yours truly and superglue fingers. It won't be a problem as the basing material will come up to the paw anyway so no drama. Allow some time and be patient, you'll be rewarded as its a truly imposing model.

After a bit of thought and some posing of the model I've gone with a smaller base than anticipated. Less space but should be more use in dungeons.

There are some slight gaps in the joins and i'll be making some small sausages with green stuff and smoothing them in over the next few days hopefully.

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