Monday, November 24, 2008


Man in the Moon has been asking for some sizes for a miniature cabinet for his son's efforts.

So here are two, one which I made and one which I picked up from a Salvo's store.

B1's cupboard, which I made, sits in our spare room. The door came into my posession some years ago and was actually waiting for a cupboard to be built around it. B2 was on his way so the cupboard was duly built for his room. It originally had a hanging rail in the top, the two shelves were added and the rail removed when his clothes got too big for the space and the cabinet was handed over to B1. As you can see an eight year old can accumulate a fair bit of gear. The cupboard at the bottom has one shelf.

My miniatures cabinet sits on the other side of the room and was something I looked for for a long time.

It's an ex police piece and still has the police id number on the side. I picked it up for $50 which is cheaper than i could have bought the glass doors and tracking for. It originally had three timber shelves but it now has four shelves with the addition of a glass shelf I picked up from the side of the road (in the middle of a thunderstorm mind you). I had to have a centimeter taken off the front and one side by a glass shop :(

This bigger cabinet is almost ideal for me although my wife has commented that its butt ugly which is fair enough. The bottom locks and the two halves , top and bottom, come apart for transport. I'll post some measurements later.

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