Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not a Solo Wargamer?

Does this mean I'm no longer a solo wargamer? After finally meeting a fellow miniature painter and wargamer in our new city a couple of weeks ago we had him and his son around for a game.
Warhammer Quest was the game of choice, as we've both got young son's who would get the gist of the game and we both happened to have sets. Although my meager effort pales in comparison to the organisation going on here. We're talking three cases worth of game components and figures for the game.

Towards the end of the second game where the wizard came into his own dropping a cave in on four skeletons and putting the finger to a brace of chaos knights. Just before this photo was taken we had a total of about 16 opponents appearing on the board sections.

Two enjoyable games were played over about 4 hours with the last one being unfinished and packed up for another day. I was really pleased with the way it went with our gamesmaster being very capable with the rules and keeping everything moving pretty quickly. Although at times I'll admit I was getting a bit lost with what was actually happening with dice rolls.

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