Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heroics and Ros Dark age Norman and Viking

highlandbevan asked on TMP if you could see the chainmail on these figures, I don't think so :) . This batch of figures were purchased in the UK in the mid eighties but I don't believe the figures have been modified since. Something to remember is they are really small, about 6mm tall (1/300) so an impression of the figure when you are looking at them on the tabletop from a metre or two away is more important than the jewels on the kings crown.
The figures from one metre, imagine a thousand of these properly arrayed on a nice scenic table.
above - Viking archers and axemen
Vikings with sword and shield
Vikings with spear and axe

Norman crossbows
Norman archers

Norman spearmen
These figures were bought originally for WRG Ancients but I based them out of frustration just to get them ready for painting. The very basic paint jobs you can see are in Enamel paint which i haven't used for ... some time. They are so old they would have lead in the alloy mix which makes them a little less hard wearing than modern alloys as you can see in the Norman spears.

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